Before You Arrive

Call to discuss availability, confirm rates as well as drop off and pick up times.

In order to ensure that your cat’s stay is as safe and healthy as possible, we require our feline visitors to be up to date on their Upper Respiratory (FVRCP) vaccine. A simple proof of vaccines from your veterinarian is perfect. This document can be faxed or emailed in advance of your visit.

We strongly recommend that your cat is up to date on parasite control as recommended by your veterinarian. Should your pet be found to have parasites (worms, fleas, etc) we will notify you immediately and make arrangements to have a veterinarian examine your cat and decide on an appropriate course of treatment and will advise you of the expense of this treatment.

We find that cats tend to prefer their own food and litter (and sometimes even their own dishes and litterbox). Please ensure you bring enough food for your cat’s stay, any bowls, blankets, litterbox, toys or anything else that you feel would keep your cat more comfortable. We will make a note of everything that arrives with your cat to ensure it all goes home at the end of their stay.

We will ask you to provide an emergency contact number for either yourself, or someone else who can be called should any situations arise that involve the health or safety of your cat while you are away.

We kindly ask that your cat arrive and depart in a safe, sealed cat carrier. Should you need to borrow one, you can do so at no charge. Please ask when booking.